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Decent Solitaire Game

This one is based mostly on luck, so for me the long term playability is lacking, but I found that it played quickly enough that I often said, "okay, just one more time". Hard to win, though. Graphics are uninspiring, and there's no scoring, but overall an okay solitaire game for occasional play.

Limited Gameplay & Small iPad Graphics

This version of solitaire has been programmed in a way that makes the game very uninteresting. The gameplay comes down to pressing the "Deal" button as many times as you can until the program realizes that it's won or lost. If the gameplay allowed the user to pick the pairs to be covered with draw cards then more interaction would be required & that would improve the experience somewhat. My second issue is the size of the graphics on the iPad. The cards no where near cover the full screen as is shown in the screenshots here. I'd guess they might be the same iPhone-size cards with just a little more blank space between them. This app could use a lot more work before it's even worth a buck.

Wonderful Game!

What a great game to pass the time with. It's also easy enough for my young kids to play with and enjoy. It seems they use my iPhone mire than me these days! Looking forward to more games from you Gene!

Quick card game!

I love quick solitaire card games! This game is simple to play and I would like the ability to tap on the matched card pairs to deal a new card to that spot. As it is, the user just clicks the 'Deal' button and it's automatically done. Thanks for making this fun game and I look forward to updates!

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